18 Nov 2015

A little bit of nature

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A little bit of nature

I don't know if it's just me but I need some "living" plants in my room to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I'm really bad when it comes to water them, so I can only buy plants that are easy to look after.. Anyways, I just really love plants and so I thought I'd make a blog post about my recent plant purchases.
These are the ones that are now living with me :)
I don't really know how this one is called but it's some kind of a palm tree, so it's very easy to keep it alive as it only needs water from time to time. Also if you're wondering, that are two vanilla scented candles on the sides.
Isn't this little orchid just the cutest? Again it's very easy to look after because it's so tiny.

I just find these little leaves and blossoms super cute and the pinky kind of colour is even brighter irl than it is here on the photo.
These two aren't the only plants I got in my room. I also have another kind of palm tree which has been in my room for over three years now so that's like a record for me. And then there's another orchid which is much bigger than the one on the photo and it had purple-white blossoms but it's in its winter phase right now so the blossoms have all fallen off. It made me a bit sad at first, but it's just something natural and new blossoms will grow soon.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of nature!
Are you also a lover of plants? Let me know which plants or flowers you like the most! 
Thanks for reading,
Fairydust Xx


  1. I love the cute little pink one! I really want to get a cactus.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. It's so sweet isn't it? I couldn't resist buying it.
      I used to be obsessed with cacti! You can't really make anything wrong with buying one. Xx

  2. I'm exactly like you, I need atleast a plant in every room! It just brightens out the space in such a gorgeous and natural way <3

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC